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Aphasia and Brain Injury




We work with people with all types of aphasia (difficulty expressing or comprehending language), whether they have had a recent stroke or have been struggling with lost language skills for many years.  We also have experience helping people with aphasia and their families to use some of the new computerized programs that allow for regular home practice of speech and language skills.

Mild Brain Injury


Post-concussive syndrome or “mild” brain injury can cause difficulty with concentration, memory, organization and thinking skills. These problems can be devastating for anyone, but are especially challenging for professionals and students. We have worked with many individuals with these problems to improve attention, concentration and memory, as well as training in strategies to help compensate for these problems. image.


Reading Problems


One of the most frustrating aspects of a mild aphasia or mild brain injury can be the loss of ability to read fluently and easily. Although these issues are rarely addressed in traditional Speech-Language therapy, we have developed a helpful treatment approach, which adapts materials designed for people with lifelong dyslexia, to meet the specific needs of individuals with “acquired dyslexia”.

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