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Summer Literacy


We offer intensive summer programs for students who have challenges in reading, writing and/or spelling.

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Reading Program


Students going into grades 2 through 12 may receive 1:1 individualized reading instruction, three times per week for six weeks, with a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist who has training and experience with the Lindamood-Bell programs and the Wilson Language Program.  Reading problems addressed include difficulty with the mechanics of reading and spelling (decoding and encoding), reading fluency and/or reading comprehension.  In some cases, use of a computer program for additional home practice will be recommended.

Writing Program


We also offer writing programs for students going into grades 3 through 12.  Students receive 1:1 individualized instruction, three times per week for six weeks.  We use a writing-process approach with an executive functioning curriculum.  If we are able to match students with peers working at a similar level, one of the individual sessions may be replaced by a longer small group session to facilitate peer mentoring and independence.

Writing with Pen
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